The Audit form is a customised form that you can use or setup, to add information to your audit. 

Step 1: Once the audit is built select the edit button beside the audit now 

Step 2: Select Add New Section

Step 3: Name the section the select Add Section

Step 4: The section will look like this below. Now to add the questions/fields or options select the + icon. 

Step 5: Now add the question under Label and choose from the Type the kind of way to answer the question. Select Update Section when done

Step 6: Your section with question will look like this below.

Step 7: As it’s a dropdown you chose as the field type, you need to add the options in that dropdown. Select the edit button beside the question

Step 8: Now add the options and select add each time. Once done select Update Field 

Step 9: Your options in the form will now look like this below. Repeat the steps above to build up the sections and questions as you need them. 

Step 10: The form is now active and will appear when you go to audit. If you do not need to use a form do not create anything in it.