Step 1: Sign in go to the Supplier Audit Manager, then select Add New Audit 

Step 2: Add details of the audit below. And select Save when done

Step 3: In the audit overview tab you can attach documents and add comments. Select Save when done. If you need to change the audit details, select the Update Audit Details and follow the steps as above again. 

Step 4: Now select the Audit Form tab

Step 5: Answer the questions on this page and select Save 

Step 6: Now select the Checklists tab

Step 7: Complete the checklist. Depending on your checklist setup it may open a comment box and create an audit item or NC

Step 8: After you complete the checklist select Save when done. 

Step 9: As you can see when you save it has created an audit item automatically. This is because of the way you have setup. You can create an audit item in the next tab and complete the details of that one. 

Step 10: Select the Audit Items tab 

Step 11: To add further details to the audit item or edit the details select the edit button

Step 12: This is the audit item form, you can change or correct the details here, add comments and add pictures. When done select Update

Step 13: You can change the Status here as well from the dropdown. When done select Save Audit Items