Once templates have been created it is possible to update basic information quickly and issue these to a pre-set list of suppliers/customers. This is completed using the Update Dates and Quick Send options, which can be performed on multiple templates. 


Step 1: Update Dates, select the relevant templates and click Update Dates from here a popup will load and you will be able to amend the date parameters: 

Step 2: Quick Send Recipients, When a template is first created it is important to add the quick send recipients. Click the person button to the right of the template:

This will open a popup where you can select the supplier, user and type of response required, adding this will create a list of suppliers who the template can be shared with in one instance. This can be updated at any time using the same process and deleting the selected share and re-adding.

Once quick send recipients have been added the number will show next to the person button indicating how many people will receive the negotiation. The eye button allows a preview of how the template has been configures and will be seen by the recipients.

Step 3: Quick Send, Once update dates and quick send recipients have been completed, select the templates you wish to issue and click Quick Send – you will be prompted to append template title where you can add detail specific to that event e.g. weeks

After sending you will receive a green confirmation message and can then check the events by selecting the appropriate Sent Negotiation, Sent Promotion, Sent Contract section: