Once the agreement response has been submitted the recipient will receive an email and task advising about the event. Tasks will be visible on their home page when logging into Foods Connected:

Step 1: Responding to Submitted Agreements (Negotiations, Promotions & Contracts). Agreements can be accessed by selecting the task visible on the homepage when logging into Foods Connected. To view all submitted agreements, navigate to the purchasing section which is found in the Trading & Planning area.

Step 2: Updating Submitted Agreements (Negotiations, Promotions & Contracts). Select the dropdown and Respond at the required agreement.

Step 3: Sending Updated Agreements (Negotiations, Promotions & Contracts). Once all the product lines have been updated, selected Preview & Send Response. Then select Confirm & Send Response.

Step 4: Updating Submitted Agreements (Costings). Select view at the received costing to view submitted costing and prices.

To request Supplier Review, select Request Supplier Review, enter comments and Request Review

To accept submitted prices select Accept Scenario and select Accept 

Step 5: Balancing associated Cost & Prices (Costings).  Once submitted prices and costs have been accepted a confirmation template will need to be created to balance the carcase model.

Balance the carcase model with required volumes.

Step 6: Sending Submitted Agreements (Costings). The balanced cost model can be sent back to the supplier to enter prices. Select Save & Send to Supplier.

Step 7: Responding to Updated Agreements (Costings). Select Respond at the received to respond to received confirmation template and enter prices.