Step 1: Pricing Grid, navigate to the pricing grid section which is located within the Trading and Planning area and select new pricing grid to be directed to the initial setup:

Step 2: Grid Details 

Step 3: Grid Setup

After updating all the grid setup click save.


Step 4: Grid Valueson the grid values section you can assign each bonus/penalty to the segments of the grid using the drop down. Once confirmed click save.

Step 5: Additional Condemned/Penalty Categorieshere you can create additional categories of information you would like to collect on an animal level. These can have additional price penalties applied and can require a medical file to be attached if for example the animal was condemned.

Step 6: Dirty Animal Penaltieshere you can create additional grades of information you would like to collect on an animal level, like the above however you can set is the deduction amount per kg or per head. This has been designed for Dirty Animal Penalties but could be used for other purposes.


Step 7: Quality Penaltieshere you can create additional penalties which can be applied to the pricing grid, first select Add New and enter the penalty amount (this can be add as 0.10 or -0.10 as this is a penalty          -0.10 will act as an additional amount). 

Once the penalty has been added further configuration will be visible – allowing the rules to be created on how this is applied (click Add Rule).

Step 8: Max Penaltieslike quality penalties the max penalties can be configured in the same method to set a maximum deduction that can be applied. This considers all penalties from the grid, additional condemned, dirty cattle and quality penalties and will cap the amount at the maximum set. 

Step 9: Savingonce all configuration has been completed return Grid Detail and select save and exit to return to the template screen.