If within the general admin section grid approval has been configured (details in section 1.1. step 9) the grid will show as status Draft, if no approval process has been added it will go directly to Active

Step 1: Approval, if multiple approvers have been configured, they will all individually need to approve the grid, if one approver has been configured any of them can approve the grid. Users without this access will not be able to approve the grid but can hover over the approval button to see who the setup approvers are and status.

Step 2: Status, only pricing grids that are approved can be linked to purchasing and sales templates, pricing grids that become inactive by surpassing the end date can be updated by editing the pricing grid and updating the end date. For active pricing grids to be set as inactive you must edit them and set an end date which has passed.

Step 3: Editing, it is not possible to edit a pricing grid once it has been approved, if updates are required please use the duplicate function – making the required changed and setting the old pricing grid as inactive.