With the ingredient specification templates, when the mixing bowl setting is switched on for the template, you have the option to use a risk assessment template that is completed for each ingredient component within the specification. 

Step 1: When editing the template settings, you can switch on the option for Risk Assessments and further fields will open up below to allow you to select which type of scoring you’d like to use. Click on Save Settings to save any changes made.

Step 2: The risk assessment template can be edited from the Options button beside your ingredients template.

Step 3: The risk assessment template uses the standard form builder functionality, but you can also pull external fields into this template. To do this click on Add New and select the External Field option.

Step 4: You can select an external field from various tools as seen below (these are the current available options), once you select a tool it will show the available field options for that tool in the next dropdown fields. Select the options relevant for the field you want to pull into the risk assessment.

 Step 5: Click on Add Field to add the external field into your risk assessment template. When completing this risk assessment for each ingredient component within your specification, it will pull in any relevant information according to the selected options.