This is the section that allows you to change administration settings for your order templates. It includes how to categorise order numbers, multi order drafts, supplier / product links.

Step 1: Sign in and go to Order Tool under Trading and planning then select ‘Order Templates’.

Step 2: Follow the steps above then select the admin function on the right side of the tool bar, and you will have three option to categories to select under this heading. These will be general, confirmation names and auto finalise. Only users with admin access to the order manager will have accessibility (this can be edited in the settings section under ‘Manager Users’)

Step 3: Select General on the left-hand side which will allow you to select whether you want the order numbers to be manual entry, auto-generated or from reserved list. You can then select to turn multi order drafts or supplier product links on or off. Press save setting on the bottom right once completed. 

Step 4: Select confirmation notes on the side tile. This will then allow you to manage the naming conventions for order confirmation numbers by order types. Changing these will change the displayed names for all existing orders as well as any future orders. Press save on the bottom right if any changes are made. 

Step 5: Select the auto finalise button on the left-hand tile. This sets up rules to automatically finalise orders once confirmed. To add in a new rule please select Add Rule as per the below. Once you click this it will take you to the pop-up screen shown below. Add in relevant information to create the new rule and press save.