Step 1: Once you select the template you would like to send select issue order as per the below. Then select single or the multiple order button.

Step 2: If a single order is selected the template will only be sent to one supplier as per the below.

Step 3: When selecting a multi order it will allow you to send the above template to multiple suppliers. Select the information for the key fields below and select the suppliers that you want to send the order to. Note you can also search the suppliers by name.

Step 4: Click save once you have selected the suppliers you want to send the order to. It will then take you to the template where you fill in the required information. You will note as per the below template it is being sent to two suppliers instead of one as per the previous example. This can also allow multiple orders for different days to be issued in one step.

Step 5: The multi order allows you to send multiple orders to multiple suppliers. Once you have issued the multi order the orders will split out in the system as individual orders seen below. The below example shows four different parties ( Elders, Bailey, Argyle, Bowyer & Livemore ) that were issued in one multi order but display as a single order when sent.