Step 1: Select Sent Orders either under trading and planning or on the top tab as per the below. Filter the template you would like to edit through the filters at the top of the screen. Once you have filtered the sent order you would like to edit select template and click the button on the right of screen as per the below.

Step 2: Once you select the template that you would like to update you have five options. 

View: This will allow you to view the sent order and the details within it. 

Respond: This will allow you to respond to the sent order only if it ‘ Requires Your Action ‘. For example if you needed to upload a confirmation note to the order and clicked respond it would take you to the step to do this.

Update details: This will allow you to update the details of the previously sent template.

Amend: This will allow you to update the actual quantities requested on the order

Finalise: This will finalise the order and if the system is integrated with an internal payment system it will trigger payment to the relevant parties.