Step 1:  The status of order template is shown on the summary of the sent orders as per the below. The next action also outlines what action is required next which in turn will change the status.  The only user that can change the status is the one that the status ‘ Requires Your Action ‘ relates to.  

Step 2: Responding to a ‘Negotiated order’ or an ‘Order Amend’ Click respond as per the below to respond to the order. 

Step 3: This will take the user into the order where they can perform several functions

Add Product: Clicking add product will allow the user to add in new products to the order 

Action: Clicking this will allow the user to edit the price 

Delete Product: Pressing the red button will delete the product out of the template. 

Step 4: Once you have updated the order you can then perform four functions. Cancel the order, Save or Save and Exit, Preview and Send Response and confirm order.  Clicking confirm order will then change the status of the template. 

Step 5: If the steps have been followed above and the user has uploaded a confirmation note and responded to the order they are then able to finalise the order, which in doing so will show finalised as per the below preventing any further changes.