Step 1: From Scheduled Visit Audits screen select Admin.

Step 2: Select the Add Internal Approvals button

Step 3: Complete the fields shown below to capture the approvers required prior to an audit being scheduled and then select Save

Step 4: If required Custom Fields can be added, these will then be visible for completion in the new visit/audit request.  Select the Add New Field button

Step 5: Select the required field type, complete the Display Name and mark this as Active.   Select the Add Field button

Step 6: The added custom fields can be viewed in the Admin section.  For both Dropdown & Check Box List fields additional steps are required to build the options required, if a Text Box was selected the set up is complete.  Select the button to the right side of the Field Type record

If changes to the Active status are made, ensure to select the Save Settings button.

Step 7: Select Add New Categories tab

Step 8: Complete the Category Name fields as required then select Add/Update Categories button