This function will create the list within the Recommended view for the Visit & Audit Schedule tool and determine when the next audit would be due.  This setting is within the Supplier Manager tool.

Step 1: From Supplier Manager screen select the Admin dropdown, and select Compliancy Setup 

Step 2: The view will be of any existing compliance rules that have been created.  By selecting the edit button on the right of the list the user will be able to see and amend the settings

Step 3: The options on the compliance rules allow to add Supplier Audits, when this check-box is selected there is the Audit Types option at the top of the screen.  Select Audit Types here.

Step 4: Mark the checkbox beside the audit required and then type the frequency required for this audit (in months).

Step 5: Select Save button.

Note – as supplier compliance rules can be customised for the supplier type this allows the same audit type to have different frequencies for different types of supplier, if required, as shown in the example below.