There are two ways to navigate to the request screen

Step 1: From Scheduled Visit/Audits screen select the Add New Event button 


Step 1: From Recommended screen select the button beside the record/supplier requiring a visit/audit

Step 2: Complete the details required as shown on the screen below.  Any details previously put in to the Admin settings will be shown here (with the attachments and/or detail in the Audit Overview field).  If this request is to be confirmed by the supplier ensure to select to send to a Company User.  

Note – here it is possible to add multiple dates for the supplier to select the date that suits them best.

Step 3: Select the Save button and select the option from the drop down.

If sharing with a supplier, they will receive notification that the request has been made and it will be in their task list (Note – users who received the notification CC will only get the email notification and are not able to respond to the request, the response has to be done by the user who has been sent the request).

The view of a requested Visit/Audit will look as below.  Note that the request can be viewed/edited/cancelled through the menu button on the right side of the record.