Following email notification of Approval being required the item will show in the users task list

Step 1: From Scheduled Visit/Audits screen select the record with the status of Awaiting Approval and select the button to the right side of the record.   

Step 2: The options will show View and Approve – select the option required

View – will take the user to just see the Visit/Audit request record

Approve – will take the user to view the Visit/Audit request record with the option to then approve or decline the request 

Step 3: After reviewing the information on the request select Save button and then select the appropriate option.

The status of an approved audit/visit will show as In Progress

The status of a rejected audit/visit will show as Approval Declined

Notification about the approval or rejection will be sent to the user that created the audit/visit

If the audit/visit has been approved it can be shared with the supplier, for their agreement, as per the usual process.