User will receive email notification and the request requiring response will also appear in their task list.

Step 1: Either select the item from the My Tasks list or select Upcoming Supplier Visits from the Supplier Approval menu.

Step 2: Under the Received heading any items awaiting a response will be shown with the status of ‘Requires Your Action’.  Select the View button to review the details of the request or select Respond button.

Step 3: Review the details of the visit and if all is acceptable the user can select the Submit button.  


Step 3: Review the details of the visit and if the date is not suitable the user has a choice to either select Decline or add an alternative date (see details on that in section 1.5.1 below) for the visit/audit and select the Submit button.  

If a new date has been suggested it will return to the original sender for them to confirm acceptance of that new date.  All communication and history of the request will be visible on the record under the ‘Responses’ heading.