When a request has been made to a supplier for a visit or audit the supplier is able to review that request and suggest an alternative if they deem that the suggested date is not suitable.

Step 1: From Scheduled Visit/Audits screen select the record with the status of Requires Your Action and select the button to the right side of the record.  

Step 2: Select the Respond option from this list

Step 3: The record for the visit/audit request will show, the user will be able to see the date that has been declined by the supplier and the new suggested date (if more than one has been suggested by the supplier they will show here and the user will need to ensure that the correct date is marked before responding).  If the marked date is acceptable the user has to select the Submit button to accept the date and confirm with the supplier.   If multiple dates have been offered, by selecting one as acceptable this will automatically decline the other dates.


Note – the user is able to add information to the Additional Comments field if required.