To add a post launch review step into the workflow:

Step 1: Click on Workflow Manager – Admin     

Step 2: Click on review settings and choose the required review interval, this can be days, weeks or months

Once complete a form will be filled in which the work flow completer will fill in when completing the review

Step 3:  Click on Workflow Manager – Edit Workflow Template and click on actions, then add action, choose Post-launch review and save

Click on edit review template 

Build form with the post launch review questions

Step 4: Ensure that launch date has been entered in when creating workflow.

Step 5: When workflow is fully complete a record for the review will be added to the database that is used to determine when the review is required.

Step 6: When workflow reaches status “Pending Review”, an email will be sent to the workflow creator to review the form.  A link will also be added to the creator’s tasks which when clicked will open the form to be completed.

Step 7: Review form is completed by the creator.  Click on save and complete and all tasks related to the review will be closed and a record will be added to the activity feed to say that a review was completed.

When the workflow is complete the status will be “Launched”

Whet the post launch review is required the status will change to “Pending Review”.  Once complete the status will be “Reviewed”

Filter options have been updated to include the new status options