Conditions can be applied to certain fields if you want them either to be mandatory or visible, based on certain conditions. For example, if ‘Yes’ is selected for the first question, the second can be set as mandatory and visible. See below for an example.

The fields I will use as examples are below:

The first field is a yes/no answer.

Step 1: Select edit beside the second field

Step 2: You will now set up that this field is required condition based. Select Required Condition Based, then select Click Here

Step 3: Once you have selected Click Here, a new window will pop up. Select + Add Condition

Step 4: Fill out the form details and select Save

In this case, you are stating that if ‘Yes’ has been answered to ‘Has there been any product recalls this month?’, then the field ‘Please select the reason for these recalls’ will be both Required & Visible.