Textbox – Single line text input

Textarea – Multiple line text input 

Drag the bottom right-hand corner of the textbox to expand it.



With numeric fields, there are decimal and unit options which you can edit when you update the field. You can also change a single numeric field into a counter.

Numeric (2/3/4/5 values)

With multiple value numeric fields, you have the same options for decimals and units, as well as the option for labels, these can all be selected per value.

Numeric Limited - within given min/max range

The numeric limited field allows you to set a numeric range so users can only input numbers within that range into the field. 

If a number outside of that range is input, a warning message will appear.

With numeric limited fields, you have the same options for decimals and units as well as the min/max range.


Numeric fields can be used in a calculation field along with standard functions and numbers. The calculation field has the same decimal and unit options as numeric fields.

The calculation is set in the formula bar by searching for the chosen fields, functions and/or numbers and clicking on them to add them into the formula. Use the arrow keys to move back and forward through the formula.

Hovering over the question mark gives some function examples.


Images(s) – small image(s) with a description

Large Images(s) – large image(s) with a description

Each image field has three options for attaching images to a form with optional descriptions. Only the following image types can be used - .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp and .gif. 

File - document with a description


Each file field has one option for attaching a file with an optional description.

Signature Box

The signature box field has a textbox for typing the sign off name as well as a box to draw the signature using your mouse on the desktop or finger on the app. The ‘Undo Previous Stroke’ and ‘Clear’ buttons can be used to fix mistakes made in the signature box.



Date – Select a date from a Calendar

Time - Select a time from a Timepicker 

Type your time into a time field or select it from the timepicker.


Standard Dropdown - Single selection from custom options

Use the standard dropdown field to build a set list of options for your question. Type each option into the textbox and click on ‘Add’ to insert it. The options can be edited or deleted from the buttons to the right-hand side of each option.

Dropdown with Quantity - single selection option with number

This field has a numeric field which you can set decimal places and units for, as well as a custom dropdown field which works the same as the standard dropdown field.

Dropdown with Comment - single selection option with comment

The dropdown with comment field works in the same way as the standard dropdown field but you also have the option to input a comment which will save beside the selected dropdown option.

Yes/No - Single selection yes/no

Yes/No - Single selection with optional comment

Linked Dropdown – Option dependent on another dropdown

The linked dropdown option allows you to link the options of two dropdowns, so the linked dropdown field options are limited based on what was selected for the initial dropdown field. The options for this field as set up in the same way as a standard dropdown but when editing the field, you can select a parent field. Then click on ‘Update & Manage Linked Options’ to set the links between the field options.

Numeric Dropdown – Set min/max and increment 

With the numeric dropdown field, you can set the minimum and maximum numbers as well as the increment to create a dropdown list of numbers.


Standard Checkboxes – Multiple choice from custom options

The checkbox field is set up with options the same as a dropdown field but when completing questions using this field type you can select multiple options.


Grids – Textboxes and Checkboxes

The grid field type allows you to create custom tables with column and row names. 

The textbox grid option will create a table with empty textbox to fill in.

The checkbox grid option will create a table with checkboxes to select and multiple options can be selected across the columns and rows.

*The grid field type is currently not compatible with the Mobile App so if included in a form to be used on the app, the grid will be excluded from the form on the app view*


Comment - sub heading to provide the user with information

The comment field type can be used as a sub heading or a piece of information within the template by typing the text into the field name.

Internal Field Reference – display value of another field within the form

This field option allows you to select another field within the template to display the latest value of what was input into that field.


There are multiple different prepopulated options of dropdown fields for countries, products, suppliers etc.


Preset fields are set up in the ‘Admin’ section of the tool, these fields can be set up once as a preset field and then used multiple times across tool templates to prevent the need to recreate the field.

The preset fields can be set up for various field types and the field categories can be managed by using the ‘Manage Categories’ option.

Once you have set up your preset field in the ‘Admin’ section, it will be available to select in your template.