Tree(s):  Shows the Yield Tree the expected figures are relating to


See Product Yield Tree: Allows you to view the Yield Tree in more detail as presented below:

Options: Shown below working from left to right

Arrow: Allows you to Re – Use Previous Confirmation details around the volume allocation


Toggle Products: Gives the ability to Collapse or Open all available lines in the yield tree


Edit Confirmations: Allows you to edit the confirmation, in particular, the Units (number of animals being used) and the Currency being presented on screen


Downward Arrow: Allows you to sort the Yielded Prices available from best to worst


Excel Icon: Allows you to both Export and Import templates

Step 1: Set Production Priority (The order of which you want the items produced)

Step 2: Set % Scenario (i.e. 60 % implies 120 Head based on a Total Scenario of 200 Head)



The icon indicates internal Yield / Spec comments

% Scenario must sum 100% for every drop. Will show as Green when fully allocated

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Refresh Offcuts to ensure all drops have 100 % allocation


Step 4: Review Summary outlining expected performance based on the planned outputs 


Note: Red Meat Yield is determined by the Product Code Categorized in the Yield Tree Set Up as Meat or Non-Meat


Step 5: Select Save and Confirm once all drops have been allocated to 100 % and plan has been reviewed