Note: The Yield tree creation is detailed clearly in the Guide provided within Foodsconnected. However, the formatting of the set up needs to be considered to make the model flow correctly.


Please see the below formatting for ref. when completing this set up:

Formatting Notes


Off Cuts – As you can see here there are NO possible offcuts generated. When creating the tree, the offcuts must be considered as a % of the total carcass and Captured at a Parent Level with the relevant % applied.


0.00% Example – In the situation where the offcut is created once the Daughter (Secondary) processing happens to create a finished product, please follow the below formatting to ensure the % off cut is captured in the relevant parent level.


Example: BCM19 – 95 vl


As you can see below – when creating codes BCM46 there is a 95 vl generated as an offcut.

When Volume is applied to this percentage it will then move down to the Parent Volume which is represented also as BCM 19 – shown below:

As the Offcut volumes accumulate, they will be totalled up and presented as total against the relevant Parent Code.