In doc request manager admin section there is a new option to ‘Enable Document Product Links’ 

When this is set to yes – there will then be two drop down options available in document summary section.  


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If this option is not enabled there will be no drop-down option in the document summary section, it will default to supplier view when selected.  


If the linked product option is toggled on new features will appear when adding a required document or adding a manual document.  

Navigate to document summary > select supplier view to add a new document > select the supplier (s) which the documents are associated with > select multi request. 


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When multi request is selected, a new modal will open enabling the user to select the document and enter the associated information asper current process.  

In this window there is a new addition ‘Link Products?’. This will be toggled to No by default.  

If the user would like to link the document to a particular product (s) change the toggle to yes. 

A new option will appear allowing the user to select all the products which they would link to link to that particular document. A search bar has also been included. 

The products which appear in this list are based on the items stored in the ‘company product file’ 

Any products which have been selected will appear on the top of the search for clear visibility.  

Once all the required products have been selected request the document from the supplier as normal.  

One the request has been made the status will be as below: 

Document Status: Red & ‘Not Uploaded’  

Product Status: Amber & ‘Pending Confirmation’