When the supplier receives the request for a document – in received document requests/task list, they will also have visibility of the linked products which the customer has stated are associated with the required document.  

By using the expand collapse option as highlighted below will display the products which will be linked to the document.   

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 The supplier will then have the ability to attached a document (as per the current process) and they will then also have the ability to ‘Confirm the linked products’. 



When confirming the linked products, a new modal will open enabling the supplier to select some or all of the products, add a comment and submit this back to the customer.  

A product activity tab will also be available.  

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If all linked products are checked and submitted the status will update to green. Any products not selected will update to red and the status will read changes requested. An approval date will then also be listed adjacent to the product.  

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Customer View – Following Supplier Confirmation/Amends 

If the products are confirmed by the supplier, the colour will be green and no further action will be required 

If the supplier has not confirm all products the colour will be red. The company user must then select the manage products icon: 


Any product that the supplier has not confirmed will automatically be deselected – meaning the company user does not have to find the product to deselect it.  

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Description automatically generatedIf the company user is in agreement with the suppliers amends they can then select submit 


Alternatively, they can add additional products and submit back to the supplier for confirmation as per the above process.   


The product count will update, and the status will be green & confirmed.