Step 1: Sign in on your tablet 

Step 2: Now select the settings icon

Step 3: Now select Settings

Step 4: Navigate to Site and select

Step 5: Now select your site then Save

Step 6: Now navigate to Auto Sync Settings 

Step 7: Turn on Company Product, Company Suppliers & Product Check Templates. This is so every time you log in on your tablet all suppliers, products & templates will download to your tablet so you can perform checks offline.

Step 8: Select back & back until you get to the tablet homepage. Now select Product Checks

Step 9: Select Templates

Step 10: If there are no templates select the cloud download icon. 

Step 11: The templates now download. Select your template/Check 

Step 12: Now perform your check by selecting the Supplier or Product if these are part of your check & any other fields. Select Save when done

Step 13: Now select Save & Preview. If when you complete a check and hit Save & Home or Save & Create New Check on your check you just did, it ends up in the Drafts tab. Where you need to upload. See Step 19 after viewing next steps. 

Step 14: If you selected Save & Preview above. This allows you to view the info you have added or Edit by selecting the Edit button. 

Step 15: Edit or amend your detailsSelect Save when done

Step 16: Once done select the Cloud upload icon. Then Select Yes.

Your check is now complete & uploaded to the desktop

Step 17: Select Drafts 

Step 18: If you know your draft check(s) are fully complete and don’t need reviewed you can upload all checks in this drafts folder by selecting the Upload cloud icon. 

Step 19: Or if you need to review or edit one of these checks you can select it. 

Step 20: Now you are back to where you can select Edit. 

Step 21: Now Edit or Amend your check 

Step 22: Once done, select Save then Save & Preview

Step 23: Once your check is finally ready & complete. Select the Cloud upload icon. Then Select Yes.

Step 24: Your check is now complete & uploaded to the desktop